No to War Between Armenia and Azerbaijan!

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Once again, deadly clashes have broken out at the borders of Turkey.

The 33-year war between Azerbaijan and Armenia has once again erupted.

Tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes, migrate and take shelter in neighbouring countries as a result of decades of clashes. Thousands of people who used to live together have lost their lives because of the conflict between the two states.

Now, civilians, children and women are dying again …

The military policies that drown the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples in the Caucasus in blood, brutality and grief must come to an end.

The way to resolve historical problems and conflicts cannot be fresh conflict and clashes.

Historically, in Karabakh as elsewhere, external intervention makes the problem even more difficult to resolve.

The peoples of Karabakh, the peoples of the Caucasus must determine and decide their own future. Foreign powers must withdraw from Karabakh.

We socialists are in favour of lasting peace in the Caucasus, not a new war. Another destructive war, following that in Syria, is unacceptable.

For the solution of the Karabakh conflict, the clashes must stop, a ceasefire must be announced, and the lives of civilians must be protected. Both sides should immediately begin diplomatic negotiations.

Azerbaijani and Armenian citizens who live here in Turkey as migrant workers are part of this community. All peoples of the region, all workers are our sisters and brothers.

The racists who benefit from the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh are also threatening the Armenian citizens of Turkey.

Hate crimes committed against Armenians living in Turkey because of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are unacceptable.

We stand against wars that will only bring hunger, misery and destruction. We oppose policies that use military tension to foster nationalism in every country.

What we need is international solidarity between workers of all countries.

All countries must stop military operations in the Caucasus.

No to racism against the Armenians of Turkey!

No to racism against migrant workers!

People cannot be made to pay for wars between rulers.

We want lasting peace, not war!

Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSİP)