In the elections of 24th of June AKP (Justice and Develpment Party) is the party that both has gone into decline and won the most number of MP in the parliament. AKP (Justice and Development Party), which had taken 23 milion and 681 thousand vote in the election on the 1st of November 2015, took 21 milion and 91 thousand vote in this election. AKP (Justice and Develpment Party) lost 2,5 milion vote between those two elections despite the fact that the number of voters increased 2 milion. This discloses the political feature of the new situation in Turkey after the 24th of June election.

The peoples of Turkey and the Middle East long for peace. Once again, this longing is under threat from bombings and invasion. Afrin, a town of hundreds of thousands of people, is suffering war and destruction caused by the Turkish Armed Forces. Binali Yıldırım, the current prime minister, declared, “the name of the operation is Olive Branch. It is an operation that aims to bring peace, serenity and tranquility”.

Following the referendum on 1 October, which the Spanish state attempted to stop through police violence, the Catalan assembly voted to implement the will of the people and unilaterally declared independence.

Joint statement by the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSIP) in Turkey and the International Socialists in the Netherlands:

The escalation of tensions between the Dutch and Turkish governments came to a head last weekend as the Dutch government declared the Turkish Minister of Family Affairs Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya an ‘unwanted immigrant’ and deported her from Dutch soil. Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb then unleashed riot police on Turkish-Dutch protesters that had gathered in front of the Turkish consulate.

While the big powers and their allies attempt to reach agreement on a transition which includes Assad, Turkey has launched a military operation in Syria, as it has long wanted to do, in order to strengthen its hand at the negotiating table.

The AKP government claims that Turkey and Iran are the two states which have most say on what happens in Syria.

The bombing of a wedding party in Gaziantep (South-East Turkey) by ISIS created a blood bath. At least 50 people have died.

Yet again, we are saddened by another atrocity. Since 5 July 2015* we are under constant attacks with bombings in Diyarbakir, Suruç, Ankara, İstanbul, Bursa, again Ankara and İstanbul, Elazığ, Van and again Diyarbakır. The lists keeps growing. Once a month we lose our brothers and sisters in ongoing bomb attacks. We stand in solidarity with the victims of these attacks.