Not a state of emergency but solution to Kurdish question and democratization immediately!

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The coup attempt that began on 15 July has been crushed by the heroic resistance of the people.

Across the country, mainly in Istanbul and Ankara, tens of thousands of people put up a resistance against the bullets and bombs in order to prevent the assigned soldiers from suspending governance by elected politicians and turning the country into an oppressive regime under a state of emergency.

The foundations on which the putschists rise can only be destroyed by freedom struggles as such.

Yet, after the meetings of the 'National Security Council' and the cabinet, Tayyip Erdogan declared a three-month state of emergency.

The antidote to a coup attempt is not to impose a state of emergency but to create a space for freedom and democracy.

War policies that encourage the putschist generals should be halted and solution process must be resumed.

Peace, solution, freedom!

DSiP Central Committee