Talks, not war! End the isolation at İmralı!

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The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party have produced a statement regarding the continuing clashes, the increasing deaths and the attacks in the east aimed at the Kurds.

The statement says:

Every day the grave consequences of the imposed deadlock and war that is rejected by the majority of people and which has been attempted by the state for decades and hasn't worked, are increasing.

The price for the war, that Erdoğan started, was fanned by Bahçeli and supported by the CHP, is being paid with the lives of the children of Turkish and Kurdish workers.

While east of the Euphrates civilians are being slaughtered in this dirty war, in the west, construction workers and seasonal agricultural workers are coming under attack.

The HDP, which is the only party in parliament supporting peace, saying “No” to resolutions for war and calling for both sides to cease fire, has been made the target of racist and fascist gangs given a green light by the state and under the control of the police.

There is a way to stop the bloodshed.

End the isolation at İmralı! Abdullah Ocalan is the only person who can permanently silence the guns and should be allowed to meet with all sides in the peace process.

He should return to Dolmabahçe and sit at the table for reconciliation and peace.

The suspension of Kurdish rights must be ended.

Without taking these steps it is clear that a permanent peace can’t be ensured.

Let all those who don’t want people to die raise our voices!

What we are confronting is a man who, instead of finding a solution to Turkey's biggest problem, waged war for his own power and for votes, and the establishment parties and the forces of the state that have lined up behind him.

To force the state to a solution we must raise our voices in the west.

It is workers coming out on the street that will make peace prevail over war.

Trade unions and labour organisations, take action! There is an urgent need to organise a mass peace and democracy protest in the west.

Let’s bring those responsible for the war and death to account in the ballot box.

1 November is an opportunity for those who want peace.

No vote for the parties of war! No vote for those who send the children of workers to war for their own interests! No vote for those who spend on guns and use the taxes from our wages for bombs!

Vote for the HDP which supports peace!

Let’s together defeat those who oppose the brotherhood of people.

To a united struggle against racism and fascism!

Meltem Oral-Şenol Karakaş
DSİP joint spokespersons