The first month of his arrest: Freedom to Emin Şakir!

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Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP), has been in jail for a month.

Emin Şakir wrote in his letter from Maltepe Prison:

"We’re staying as 11 people in a dormitory which is for 28 people. There a less people because it s a dormitory for both arrested and political prisoners. There are 38 people in the dormitory which is just next to us because it is for ordinary prisoners.

Every hour of a day is very well planned here and it is very disciplined. It had started before I came here so it was not very difficult for me to accommodate myself into this daily programme.

Wake up at 7am, 8.25am counting, reading between 9am and 12noon, tea break at 10am, 12noon is lunch time, sleeping time between 1pm and 3pm, free time until 6pm and then dinner and reading again and 12pm is bed time.

Everyday Hürriyet newspaper and Cumhuriyet newspaper of the day before today are brought. I was so surprised when I saw a news in Cumhuriyet about me.

We have a right to use phone every other week on Mondays. Normally it was used to be every week but like many other things this right also has been impaired by state of emergency

I am staying in a two fold dormitory. The first floor is for common use. It opens to a ventilation area which is 16 steps to 6 steps. There are beds on the second floor.

I am trying to read a lot although it is difficult because of the constraints. It was issued to me that I won’t be given the books sent by you via cargo. Also many of the cards sent by you were not given to me.

During my meeting with my lawyer the door is remained open. All the conversation that I have with my lawyer is listened and sometimes noted. When we object to this kind of things the excuse is always ‘state of emergency’. Also I was searched naked when I first arrived to the prison and the naked search happens all time whenever the prisoners are taken to the infirmary."