List of all solidarity messages with Emin Sakir

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News and links about Emin Şakir since the day he was arrested.

Newspaper Duvar - Nuray Pehlivan: “Emin Şakir who published the literature of the letf on a web site was arrested.”

Emin Şakir who published the literature of the letf on a web site was arrested.

Emin Şakir who published the archives of the literature of the Turkish left on a web site was arrested.

Nuray Pehlivan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IZMIR – Emin Şakir who is a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) was arrested for publishing the archive of the literature of the left in Turkey on a web site and attending Gezi protests.

Long standing political activist Emin Şakir has been publishing different leftist magazines of diverse range of the Turkish left on the website called and creating a digital library and data source for researchers. His friends are about to launch a campaign for him whom receives many solidarity messages from across a range of political groups.


His lawyer Funda Ata who told that there has been an ongoing investigation for two years due to the web site created by Emin Şakir for publishing the literature of the left says, “His computers at his office and cell phone had been seized but until today we had no information about the content of the file against him since there has been confidentiality order on the file. On the day that he was arrested, the digital decoding of the publications which were compiled to be published on the web site and the digital printout of his phone records were put in the file. Based on these digital publications and his participation in the Gezi protests in Izmir, he was arrested for making propaganda of terrorist organisations.


His lawyer Funda Ata who underlines that the web site which included the digital archive of all sorts of leftist content since 1900s has been used by many people both from Turkey and abroad says, “His right to defence is being restricted since there is confidentiality order on the case. We have no idea about against whom we are going to plead and what we are going to object to. Sure we are going to object to the arrest but we can not reach the documents in the file. There is a criminal charge but there is no evidence as a base of this criminal charge. The restrictions due to state of emergency tie our hands.
We do not believe that there will be any positive development about our plea in arrest. Because in these days many of the investigations are conducted based on political tendency and opinion rather than law. Nowadays the general tendency is arresting people. Otherwise a person who went to testify whenever he was asked in these two years and whose address is very well known by the authorities would not have been arrested. Moreover there is no flight risk about my client and there is no possibility of spoilation of tevidence. So actually this is an unlawful arrest. We hope that he will be free as soon as possible. We will do our best to take every necessary legal action for him.”

Solidarity call from The Worker’s Front with Emin Şakir

The Worker’s Front published a solidarity call for Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP).

In the call published on the it says:

"Emin Şakir made a contact with us about having the copies of the magazines called İşçi Sözü (Worker’s Word), Enternasyonel Bülten (International Bulletin) and Mesafe (Distance) in order publish them in his archive and kept contacting with us to add our most current issiues of our publications into his archive. Also he was a very good friend of us. In Emin Şakir’s archive there were many publications and articles which did not reflect his ideas and which were even poles apart from his own ideas. What he was doing was to made an effort in order to protect the information and making them avaliable for everybody. At the very most, this effort requires award rather than punishment.

We extend our solidarity to Emin Şakir and his party and we demand Emin to be free!”

World Without Boss (Patronsuz Dünya) and Socialist Alternative (Sosyalist Alternatif): “Greaten the solidarity fort he freedom of Emin Şakir”

"Emin Şakir who is member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) and archived and published all the left, socialist and revolutionary publishings in Turkey on the web site called was arrested by the court on 28.11.2017 and sent to Maltepe Prison.

Emin Şakir made easier acessing and being informed about the history of Turkey’s socialist movement by archiving all the left publications in Turkey. He made a huge contribution to the Turkey’s socalist movement by adding the left publications which were poles apart from his own ideas into his archive.

The captivity of Emin Şakir is an attack of Erdoğan regime against the history of Turkey’s socialist movement. It is the duty of the every socialist movement and individual in Turkey to be in solidarity with Emin Şakir and his party, Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) and to behave accordingly. We announce that as the group of World Without Boss (Patronsuz Dünya) and Socialist Alertanive (Sosyalist Alternatif) we will be in solidarity with Emin Şakir and his party, Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party.

Long Live Revolutionary Solidarity!

Neynik: Do you know?

Emin Şakir was summoned to the cort and arrested for archiving the publishings of the left organisations in Turkey in a web site. But the reason of his arrest remains unknown because there is a confidentiality order on the file.

Initiative Against Thought Crime: Emin Şakir who is member of DSİP was arrested

Emin Şakir who is member of DSİP was arrested

Emin Şakir, member of Revolutionary Socialist Worker Party (DSİP) was arrested by the court. When it is not possible to have any detailed information about the offense being charged because of the confidentiality order on the file, the reason of his arrest was the web site called which was founded by him as the archive of the publications of all the left organisations in Turkey.

Nebiye Arı – We will be neighbour again, we will be be tarred with the same brush again

Freedom is the right of Zeynep Duygu, Emin and all innocents!

I can still surprised by the detention and arrest of my two dear frineds successively. I am talking about two young people who dedicate their lives to the struggle of fair life for everybody and who are not interested in just themselves but other people too. Zeynep Duygu has been continuing her struggle in Anti-capitalist Muslims and Emin was in DSİP.

The perception of crime works from up to bottom in our country, there is no principle of this perception and there is no proper process of crime. Everything can change with one word from one day to another. We have a life which can be taken with one executive order. When the Chief wants peace then it is the best solution and when the Chief wants war again it is the best solution. The people who wanted peace with him and has kept asking for peace even after him can turn in to traitors in one night and other day your close friends can be jobless.

One day the game is big, and you raid one of the ordinary meetings of human right defenders and arrest 10 of them. And your archaic media can make a black propaganda about them through fictional evidences and fabricated news about two people who even do not live in Turkey by saying that they were aiming at creating a chaos in Turkey. After a long arrest of your friends you are happy again with the release of them. But this time other people are exposed to same nonsenses and our happiness sticks in our gizzard.

We are getting tired, we are suffocated (İsmail, are you suffocated?), we are giving up hope about getting better. Almost every year I find myself writing these kind of pieces.

I have been following Zeynep Duygu for years, I know her works about conscience and justice. We struggled shoulder to shoulder about many issiues even if we were not in the same group. Zeynep’s house was raided by the poliçe but because she was not home she went to testify other day with her lawyer and she was taken to Ağrı after she was detained. She is one of the trustworthy Muslims, I witness.

Emin has become neighbour of me this year, even we have known each other late we became a good friend in a very short time. He was arrested because of the web site called on which he archived all the left publications. When we were chatting he told about his conversations with many left groups about including their publications in his archive and how difficult it was to convince them to give their publications. Emin pursued his life and activites very open, not behind the closed doors. He is a kind of person who can not give any harm to anybody.

There is a confidentiality order on both Zeynep’s and Emin’s files and our chance of seeing and talking to them is very limited.

Before prophecy given to Holy Muhammed his defining characteristic is his reliability. He was so trusted by other people insomuch that even the people who did not like him knew that they could entrust him their belongings and appoint him as a mediator when there is a dispute between people. They were sure that he did not favour anyone because of his privileged position. So he gained the adjective of “most reliable person” because of these characteristics. It is an undeniable fact that the current life of Muslims is far from the life of person whom they take as an example. Until today I had seperated the party degenerated by the power and the people voted for this party but now I do not have any hope about people who are silence against all this cruelty. Muslims in Turkey are the implementers and supporters of the cruelty now. Because they are responsible for every cruelty faced by innocent people they are also responsible from failure of the religion in its’ claim of justice. They have driven us into disappointment and despair as young Muslims.

No, our despair will not make us standing back from the struggle. We will not abandon our friends, comrades and the people who devote their lives to rights and justice to the arms of cruelty! Sure we will find a way out from this darkness and despair. Until we find this way out we will continue to tell the truth against the cruel power which tries to take our friends from our hands by one by.

As Emin said in our last messaging “we will be neighbour again!”. As Zeynep’s last message to her friends, “I have one life; I did not commit any crime, I have no fear.” We will continue to struggle on the right way without any fear!

Freedom to Emin Şakir and Zeynep Duygu Ağbayır!

Can Irmak Özinanır – Why Emin Şakir was arrested?

Emin Şakir is our commrade whom we have been struggling shoulder to shoulder for years. He is a hard working person who think in detail. Emin did a great job couple of years ago along with his activities in Revolutionary Socialist Party (DSİP). He founded a internet archive called which makes accesible all the publications of the left in Turkey for everyody.

The archive became well-known and widespread rapidly because it provides ordinary people to access the history of Turkish left without any return. He has not been secterian at all. He included the publications of the socialist group that he never agrees with. This archive was realised not only by people who want to research the history of the left in Turkey but also by jurisdiction. Two years ago his house was raided by the police, his computer was seized. And recently he was arrested as a result of this investigation. Everybody knew that there was an ongoing investigation about him for two years, he has had his passport in these two years, he went abroad several times and came back to Turkey, his adress and activities have been known in this process, there was no suspicion of escape about him so there is no reasonable base for his arrest.

We don’t know the exact accusation against him because there is confidentiality order on his file but as his comrades we know that he did not commit any crime.

But we understand why the rulers see his archive as a crime. For the people who like flexing history out of shape, who like creating the history over again but exclude the those below from the history, exposing the different perspectives of the left is a crime because they want to monopolise the information. Following obscene publication, chasing the journalists, newspapers and opponents is long rooted tradition in this country but as the example of shows none of the publication, none of the word which made a note in the history can be wiped away.

There is a continuity between everything happened during the state of emergency, especially in the universities, and the process Emin has been going through. His arrest indicates that rulers are trying to make impossible to do science along with it is being a clear violation of freedom of expression. By doing this to Emin our rulers say “one science, one history, one reality”.

Wiping away the history, destroying the historical documents, preventing them to be accesible for everyone is a collective badness against humanity. Fortunatelly people like commrade Emin exist. People will acces the information of the truth written not by the rulers but by those below through people like him.

Can Irmak Özinanır

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

These are articles and / or news and links about Emin Sakir who one of the leading member of DSIP since his arrest.

Socialist Worker (UK) - Turkey: Free Emin Sakir

Socialist Worker (USA) - Emin Şakir must be freed

Solidarity with Emin Sakir our comrades in Greece and Nigeria:

Greece: The Greek socialists says: Freedom to comrade Emin Sakir

Λευτεριά στον σύντροφο Εμίν Σακίρ, μέλος του Επαναστατικού Σοσιαλιστικού Εργατικού Κόμματος DSiP - αδελφής οργάνωσης του ΣΕΚ στην Τουρκία - που συνελήφθη σήμερα από το τούρκικο κράτος και βρίσκεται κλεισμένος στις φυλακές του Μαλτεπέ.

Lebanon - al-Manshour: Freedom to Emin Şakir!

Spain - Colectivo Acción Anticapitalista: "Desde Colectivo Acción Anticapitalista, pedimos máxima difusión del caso, para que Sokin, al igual que muchos más encarceladxs políticxs en la Turquía de Erdogán, salgan de la cárcel y sigan contribuyendo a la lucha obrera contra el capital."

We have also many international comrades (from USA to UK; from Germany to Canada) who personally send messages of solidarity for Emin. Some of these:

-Alex Callinicos (Britain): Freedom to Emin Sakir

-Einde O'Callaghan (Germany): Solidarity from a follow socialist archivist!

-Volkhard Mosler (Germany): Solidarity from marx21

-Charlie Kimber (Britain):Solidarity from the SWP in Britain.

-Memet Uludag (Ireland): Freedom for comrade Emin

- Adnan Ata (Pakistan): Solidarity from Inqalabi Socialists Pakistan. Free comrade Emin Şakir!

- Lene Junker (Denmark) Solidarity from International Socialists in Denmark.

- David Albrich (Austria): Solidarity with our comrade!

-Halil İbrahim Yenigün (USA): And today, my socialist friend Emin Şakir was detained for his work which was nothing but archiving the socialist publications in contemporary Turkey from 50s-60s onwards.

Free Emin Şakir! Solidarity with Emin Şakir! Working on an archive is not a crime – it is outrageous that Emin Şakir is in prison. Please pass on our message of Solidarity to Emin Şakir – from Pracownicza Demokracja (Workers Democracy in Poland)

"Hi . We are shocked to hear of Emin Samir's arrest. Please send him our solidarity good wishes. We will write to Turkish government to express our disgust at this attack on his democratic rights. Dick and Janet. Manchester England."

To my dear comrades, I’m a revolutionary socialist from Canberra, Australia. I just read about Emin Sakir. It’s terrible what Erdogan is doing in Turkey. I’ll look out for any rallies in solidarity with Emin and everyone who has been impacted by the regime over there. Victory to the working class of Turkey and all countries! Yours, Paul

Who is Emin Sakir?

Emin Şakir was born in Bulgaria in 1987. He moved to Izmir when he was a child. He graduated from Gaziemir Anatolia Trading High School and he studied computer programming in 9 September University but left the university without completing his study. Emin şakir who is a computer programmer has been living in Istanbul for five years.

Emin Şakir has been member of Revolutiounary Socialist Party in Turkey and currently is party executer in Umraniye county of Istanbul.

Beside his profession he is also interested in journalism and publication. He is the personeel of Socialist Worker newspaper.
The web site called which was founded by Emin Şakir has been used as a resource in many academic history research and covered by the mainstream media in Turkey as an valuable, unique and distinguished example of history work.
This open archive which includes all the leftist and libertarian publications in Turkey is a product of Emin Şakir’s publisghing and intellectual works.

You can find below the links of the institutions which include the as a resource on their websites.