Urgent return to peace to stop the massacres

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The bombing of a wedding party in Gaziantep (South-East Turkey) by ISIS created a blood bath. At least 50 people have died.

Yet again, we are saddened by another atrocity. Since 5 July 2015* we are under constant attacks with bombings in Diyarbakir, Suruç, Ankara, İstanbul, Bursa, again Ankara and İstanbul, Elazığ, Van and again Diyarbakır. The lists keeps growing. Once a month we lose our brothers and sisters in ongoing bomb attacks. We stand in solidarity with the victims of these attacks.

Bombing a wedding party and killing innocent civilians, including children, shows the true faces of these killers. They are against humanity and life.

But all these attacks also show us something else. The atmosphere after the Kurdish peace process was thorn apart and a return to war policies enabled these bombers to operate freely within the chaos that was created.

War policies replaced the dialogue atmosphere and the fraternal debates on the solution with bombs, deaths and destruction.

The bloody coup of 15 July emerged within this atmosphere of war policies.

If we don't heal the wounds of Gaziantep bombing by returning to peace talks, we won't be able to fulfil our duty and responsibility to all victims of all attacks since 5 June.

Let's do away with all deaths, militarism, animosity, tensions and war policies.

This will also be an important step in bringing to justice the perpetrators of all killings. ISIS was known to be planning an attack such as in Gaziantep. All authorities found to be guilt of misconduct and failed in their duty to stop this attack should be put on trial.

Let's move towards dialogue and a solution based on equality and fraternity.

Only a return to active peace process will stop future ISIS bombings.

We defeated the military coup. We can also win the peace.

DSIP's Central Committee

* On 5th of June, 2015, a bomb exploded in HDP's Diyarbakir rally where 4 people passed away. This was the start of a series of bombings and suicide attacks in Turkey

(Translated to English by Memet Uludağ)